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Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff They took excellent care of our puppy. Very reasonable prices.
- by Alan A. on 2017-01-29

my cat was attacked by coyotes and passed away at PETSURG, but they were very professional and compassionate.

- by Bret B. on 2017-01-27

Excellent service and honesty. The tech and vet were both extremely warm and knowledgeable. MY only wish is I could take my dog here for everything!​​​​​​​

- by Adam N. on 2017-01-24​​​​​​​

Great service and care for Triton. Thanks! Amber was great!​​​​​​​

- by Steven Y. on 2017-01-24​​​​​​​

I called first to see if they felt I needed to come in, and after explaining the situation, Franchesca said I could come in if I wanted. That was a non-pushy, non-alarmist response that made me feel more at ease. I decided for piece of mind to go in, where they took me right away. She and Dr. Caruso were very kind and made me feel at ease. They treated my dog with gentleness and respect and in the end, helped fix our problem. Someone from the office called the next afternoon to check on our dog which was very professional and caring.

- by Beth S. on 2017-01-23

We have been very impressed with Dr. Jones. She has treated all of our pets over the years for injuries and ailments, and diagnosed an unusual condition in our two year old cat. Her diagnosis is the reason that cat is alive, and thriving. She also treated 2 of our rescues as kittens, and they wouldn't have survived without the high degree of 24/7 care that ER$PETS and PETSURG provides. Dr. Jones explains things clearly which is especially helpful when dealing with an unexpected condition. It's also very soothing to watch her comfort our growling, shrieking, hissing cat and turn her into a happy, purring kitty in 3 minutes! I highly recommend Dr. Jones.

- by Ellen P. on 2017-01-17

Great service and gets the job done. Thank for your service!​​​​​​​

- by Anon on 2017-01-11​​​​​​​

I always have a great experience at PETSURG & ER4PETS. Dr. Jones and staff take great care of my pets. They are very kind and caring. They are not just a 24hr emergency center but you can stop by and get your pets nails trimmed and ears cleaned at a reasonable price. I love this place.
- by Jillian T. on 2017-01-06

You guys saved our new year's eve! Thank you!
- by Tom W. on 2017-01-02

Dr. Jones and her staff are amazing, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my dog
- by Ciera P. on 2016-12-27

I walked in with my dog and was seen quickly without having to prove that I could afford the visit before being seen. Knowledgeable staff, patient and caring Veterinarian with a commonsense approach. Thank you!​​​​​​​

- by Clare W. on 2017-01-03​​​​​​​

I always return to Dr. Jones for VG's care as I feel she uses common sense in diagnosis as well as vet. medical expertise & long time experience with him. Petsurg & ER4Pets is always there when needed & close to my home. I trust Dr. Jones!
- by Patricia H. on 2016-12-01

We came to PetSurg in the very early morning and were so grateful that they are a 24 hour service. Our dog China was bitten by a coyote on the face/nose while in our fenced backyard and I thought we were not going to be able to save her. We were traumatized by the situation and Dr. Diana's team were very calm and professional in dealing with 2 frantic people and a dog in pain and shock. Dr. Diana did the surgery to suture her wounds and kept watch over her day and night. Her team were very respectful and helped us get through the ordeal. I would whole-heartedly recommend PetSurg & ER4Pets to anyone who wants their pet to have the best love and care.Thank you Dr. Diana and team for your efforts and concern.

- by Olivia F. on 2016-12-10

I love this place, Dr. Jones is awesome and she knows Greyhounds, this is not true of all vets. Everyone is very friendly and professional, my hounds are take care of very quickly and the cost is reasonable.

- by Jeanie L. on 2016-11-28​​​​​​

They are a wonderful team, who gave me comfort knowing my puppy was in great hands.

- by Amber Torres on 2016-11-21

They took very good care of our baby. Thank you​​​​​​​

- by Anon on 2016-11-17​​​​​​​

No waiting. They took are very sick dog immediately, cared for her, kept us informed. We were able to bring her home after one day. Very professional and thorough.

- by Dave H. on 2016-11-16

The staff is pleasant, patient, and sincere. They were very sweet and gentle with my pup. I will recommend the clinic to my friends and family.

- by Symea S. on 2016-11-11