Lucy, the Motorcycle-Riding Chihuahua

Lucy, the Motorcycle-Riding Chihuahua

This is a cautionary tale starring little Lucy the Chihuahua. Our brave hero learned the hard way of the follies of petsitting and keeping your pup on a leash!

While exploring the neighborhood with her dogsitter, Lucy came face to face with another dog that was wandering the street. Unfortunately, this was not a friendly encounter as the assailant grabbed the smaller pooch and treated her like a plaything.

Even though the external damaged seemed to be minimal, it's always the holes you can't see that can cause the most damage. The left side had a hole in the wall of the abdomen that was 4 inches in diameter.

The right side had a smaller bruise where all the teeth bit down surrounding a small laceration.

After having her stitches out, little Lucy is ready to continue with life as a dog without a cone or a care in the world as she gives Mom kisses.

Nothing keeps her down for long! This brave little dog loves to ride a motorcycle, feeding that fantasy of being a big dog (or a Napoleon complex). But there's no question that this pooch is a true adrenaline junkie!